DSE Ergonomic Workplace Assessments

Hello and welcome to the Ergo Assessor blog…

Our key aim for the site is to create awareness for ergonomics within the working environment, particularly in the office. But also as people begin to work more from home or other locations- it is important to understand that we can work safely in having great tools that allow us to work and adapt safe and healthy postures throughout our working day.

Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment

Do you have staff members reporting issues of being uncomfortable whilst working in the office environment? 

This could be a combination of known medical conditions, pregnancy, return to work scenarios or situations that have escalated since being at work.

If so, we can help with a DSE Ergonomic Workplace Assessment

How does a DSE Assessment work?

The DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Workplace Assessment provides the employer with a complete report for both the individual and workstation set-up. This will cover a summary of the users current situation, equipment set-up, remedial action recommended and any other considerations.

Why have a DSE Workplace Assessment?

DSE assessments are a legal requirement. Every 2 years you should schedule an assessment. If you have a change in work role this is also a requirement.